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SUSTIN has announced a strategic partnership with Tapio Belgium, a prominent digital platform for corporate carbon accounting. This collaboration aims to accelerate market and technology development for ESG solutions on a global scale, with a particular focus on the Asian market.

Through this partnership, Tapio’s innovative carbon accounting solution will be integrated into SUSTIN’s comprehensive ESG offering. This integration, known as “智续·达标 in Chinese, translates to “Smart Sustainability, Achieving Goals.” It will empower businesses in Asia to streamline their ESG reporting and accelerate their progress towards achieving Net Zero goals.

Combining Expertise for a Sustainable Future

The partnership leverages the strengths of both companies:

  • SUSTIN’s expertise in ESG strategy and AI-powered solutions will provide a robust framework for integrating Tapio’s carbon accounting platform.
  • Tapio’s user-friendly carbon accounting platform will offer businesses a streamlined approach to measuring and managing their environmental impact.

Focus on the Asian Market

The collaboration places a particular emphasis on driving progress towards a Net-Zero economy in Asia. By offering accessible and user-friendly ESG solutions in the region, SUSTIN and Tapio aim to empower businesses of all sizes to embrace sustainable practices.

Click to see Tapio’s product description in Chinese on SUSTIN’s social media (Wechat) platform.

Looking Ahead:

This collaboration between SUSTIN and Tapio is a positive step towards a more sustainable future in Asia. With their combined expertise and innovative solutions, they are well-positioned to help businesses achieve their ESG goals and contribute to a Net-Zero economy.

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