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Sustainable Intelligence (Sust.In) stands as a research-driven tech company with dual headquarters strategically located in the vibrant city of Brussels, the heart of the European Union, and London, a dynamic hub for innovation and sustainability. In these dynamic locales, progressive regulations and practices for sustainable development are continually evolving, empowering us to catalyzing positive change on a global scale.

We are a passionate team of innovators committed to driving sustainable progress through the synergies of technology, research, and social impact. Our team comprises tech enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and research scholars who are dedicated to instigating change. We are united by our mission to create solutions that enhance environmental sustainability, foster circular economies, and advance social cohesion. Our areas of expertise encompass carbon reduction, ecoinformatics, ESG optimization, and clean-tech, all underpinned by a profound understanding of human ecology.

Sust.In transcends the confines of a mere company; it embodies a vision for a brighter world. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and research guides us towards a future where technological advancements facilitate healthier ecosystems, empower communities, and support balanced economic growth. We wholeheartedly invite you to accompany us on this remarkable journey towards a sustainable tomorrow.


Sust.In envisions a world

where sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life.

We see a future

where the intricate relationship between humans

and their environment is nurtured,

and we firmly believe

that this vision can be achieved

through the responsible application

of cutting-edge technology

and data-driven solutions.


Leveraging Technology and Innovation

We are dedicated to advancing sustainable development through specialized scientific research of technology and social innovation.

Empowering Change Through Knowledge

We provide tools, knowledge, and strategies for carbon reduction, climate actions, and ESG performance optimization.

Fostering Global Sustainability

We cultivate a global ecosystem where sustainability is integrated into every aspect of life through the synergy of human societies and the environment.


  • Sust.In fully integrates the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) into its foundation. ESG serves as a guiding compass for our sustainable development initiatives. We are dedicated to creating solutions that optimize ESG outcomes across various sectors, spanning from the environment to societal well-being and responsible governance.
  • Our dedication to ESG goes beyond just a guiding principle. Our tech-driven approach ensures that ESG considerations are not only met but exceeded. We aim to empower businesses, communities, and individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to not just comply with ESG standards but to excel in this domain.
  • Sust.In’s endeavors directly support environmental conservation, promote social inclusion and cohesion, and encourage responsible and transparent governance. Our innovations and technology solutions are designed to facilitate sustainable choices and actions across these three pillars of ESG. Our commitment to ESG principles extends to every aspect of our operations, making ESG not just a guideline but a core value at Sust.In.


Sust.In’s approach to technology development is rooted in principles of innovation, environmental responsibility, and thorough research. We leverage AI and Web4 technologies to create solutions that address pressing challenges in carbon reduction, ESG optimization, and circular economy development. Our methodologies include:

I am very excited to welcome the arrival of ECI (SUSTIN's former name), an innovation-driven think tank that focuses on sustainable development, which is also the priority of Brussels' Capital Region that is transitioning towards a sustainable economy.

Mattias DebroyerEconomic and Commercial Consulate, Consulate-General of Belgium in Shanghai Trade & Investment Commissioner representing the Brussels's Government

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