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Don't Just Adapt,


Your Roadmap


Industry 5.0


Are you ready to upgrade your business for:

Driving Sustainable Growth

Minimize your environmental footprint through resource optimization, circular economy practices, and renewable energy integration. Create products and services that contribute to a healthier planet.

Greater agility and resilience in a changing world

Prepare your business for unexpected disruptions with adaptable systems that can quickly adjust to changing conditions. Ensure business continuity and thrive in an uncertain world.

Fueling Innovation

Harness the power of data and AI to gain deep insights, optimize processes, and create cutting-edge products and services that delight your customers.

Cultivating a Thriving Workplace

Foster collaboration between humans and machines, creating a workplace where employees feel valued, engaged, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Gaining a Competitive Edge in the i5 era

Position your company at the forefront of the Industry 5.0 revolution, attracting top talent, delighting customers, and leading the way toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Welcome to your Industry 5.0 journey!
This roadmap is your guide to transforming your organization into a resilient, innovative, and socially responsible player in the new industrial landscape.
Let's get started!

- SustIn i5 Team

Guiding Principles of Industry 5.0


Prioritize the well-being, safety, and skill development of your workforce. Embrace technologies that augment human capabilities, not replace them.


Minimize environmental impact throughout your operations. Strive for circularity, resource efficiency, and the use of renewable energy.


Build adaptable systems that can anticipate and respond to disruptions, ensuring business continuity.


Leverage AI and data analytics to gain deep insights into your operations, enabling smarter decision-making and predictive maintenance.


Promote harmonious coexistence between people, people and nature, and people and technology, and achieve sustainable development.


Ensure that Industry 5.0 benefits all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, and the wider community, regardless of their background or skill level.

Industry 5.0 Implementation Roadmap

Phase 1   (1-3 months)


Assessment and Strategy Development


Industry 5.0 Readiness Assessment

Evaluate your current technological infrastructure, workforce skills, and sustainability practices against Industry 5.0 benchmarks.


Compare your operations with industry leaders in Industry 5.0 adoption.

Roadmap Creation

Develop a detailed, phased implementation plan with clear timelines, resource allocation, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Embed sustainability principles into your operations, products, and supply chains.

Phase 2   (6-12 months)


Technology Adoption and Integration


Identify Key Technologies

Utilize SustIn's Technology Recommendation Engine that prioritize the technologies that align with your vision and industry, such as collaborative robots, AI-powered decision support, digital twins, and circular economy solutions.


Develop a plan to seamlessly integrate new technologies with existing systems while minimizing disruption. Leverage SustIn's Industry 5.0 Toolkit, including Tapio (for carbon accounting and sustainability management) and CSO Pilot (for ESG optimization and reporting automation) to streamline your transition and measure your progress.

Monitor and Adjust

Continuously evaluate pilot projects and make necessary adjustments to refine your approach and maximize results.

Phase 3   (Ongoing)


Workforce Upskilling and Reskilling


Skills Gap Analysis

Identify the skills required for Industry 5.0 (e.g., digital literacy, data analysis, robotics, AI) and assess your workforce's current capabilities.

Training Programs & Feedback

Implement targeted training programs to bridge the skills gap and empower employees to thrive in a digital, human-centric environment. Collect data and feedback from employees to refine the implementation process.

Continuous Learning

Foster a culture of lifelong learning where employees are encouraged to continuously upgrade their skills.

Phase 4   (Ongoing)


Collaboration and Ecosystem Building


Partner Identification

Seek out potential collaborators – other businesses, research institutions, educational providers, etc.

Collaborative Projects

Initiate joint projects to develop and test new Industry 5.0 solutions, share knowledge, and pool resources.

Ecosystem Development

Join SustIn's “i5 world” community, and contribute to the broader Industry 5.0 ecosystem by participating in "World i5 Forum", sharing best practices, and supporting research initiatives.

Phase 5   (12+ months)


Scaling and Optimization


Expand Successful Pilots

Roll out proven Industry 5.0 solutions across your organization, adapting them to different departments and processes.

Continuous Improvement

Implement data-driven optimization to enhance productivity, quality, and sustainability.

Measure Impact

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to productivity, employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and environmental impact.

Upgrading to Industry 5.0 is a journey of continuous transformation.
Contact us to learn more about how our expertise can accelerate your progress!

The timeframes provided are estimates and may vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of your organization, as well as the scope of your Industry 5.0 implementation.