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In a world that demands collective action for the SDGs, Sust.In embraces a human ecology based philosophy, bridging social cohesion with sustainability. We wield innovation, driven by AI and Web3, to tackle carbon reduction, circular economies, sustainable urbanism, and to empower ESG excellence.

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News and Recent Studies

November 9, 2023 in News, SDG, Standardization

SustIn Founder Attended to NBN Annual Event

Sust.In's founder and CEO, Seph Wang, as an expert of NBN, the Bureau de Normalisation of Belgium, had the pleasure of being invited to attend NBN's annual Thank You event…
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October 23, 2023 in Human Ecology, Social Innovation, Sustainability

A Tech Ecosystem Structured on Human Ecology

the Coupling of Socio-Ecosystems: The Philosophy Behind Sust.In's Technological Innovation In the grand tapestry of life on our planet, human beings are not solitary threads but interwoven participants in a…
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October 15, 2023 in Community, Sustainability, Urbanism

Future Community: Pioneering Sustainable Living at Sust.In

Future Community, Sustainable Urbanism, and the Future of Cities Urban planners from different eras have grand visions of the future of cities. However, many times, when these utopian visions are…
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Our technology products are designed to catalyze sustainability efforts across diverse sectors.

  • Carbon 0: A web platform that utilizes AI precision and blockchain technology to revolutionize carbon accounting. It empowers organizations to measure, offset, and optimize their carbon footprint with scientific rigor, ensuring compliance with the highest.
  • Carbonote: A user-centric mobile app that transforms individuals into sustainability champions. With gamified elements to engage users in tracking and reducing their carbon footprint, fostering a collective commitment to a greener world.
  • Eco-Credit Index: Your all-in-one hub which simplifies and streamlines ESG-related measures and regulations. Powered by AI, make informed choices and receive real-time pre-evaluations to drive your sustainable development efforts.

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At Sustainable Intelligence, we believe that technology can be a force for positive change. Join us on the journey to a sustainable future where innovation meets environmental responsibility.

1.5 Degrees Lifestyle: Shaping a Sustainable Future Together

We’re all aware of the urgent need to combat climate change. The Paris Agreement’s central aim is to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, ideally to 1.5 degrees. Achieving this goal is pivotal in avoiding the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.

What’s the “1.5 Degrees Lifestyle”?
It’s about making mindful choices in our daily lives. From the products we use to the energy we consume, our collective decisions can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Our “1.5 Degrees Lifestyle” initiative is a call to action, an invitation to join hands with our commitment:

  • Guidance: We provide tailored advices and resources on adopting a 1.5 degrees lifestyle.
  • Community: Join a like-minded community, share experiences, and amplify your impact.
  • Carbon Reduction Tools: Access cutting-edge technology to track and reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Rewards: Earn your contribution credits on Eco-Credit Index.

Embrace the “1.5 Degrees Lifestyle” and be part of a global movement for positive change.

State-of-Art Technology & Strategic Consulting for Sustainable Carbon Solutions

We are at the forefront of technology research and development revolve around empowering businesses, organizations, and municipal authorities with innovative solutions they need to track their carbon footprint and to actively reduce it.

Carbon Footprint Tracking and Accounting
Our white-lable-product simplifies the often complex process of measuring, managing, and reporting carbon emissions. From the data collection stage to in-depth analysis, we make it easier for you to understand and optimize your carbon footprint.

Strategic Carbon Reduction
Our strategic solutions on energy efficiency, carbon reduction and offsetting and clean-tech adaptation will help you identify opportunities on sustainable development, making your operations align with the global push for carbon neutrality.

Comprehensive Consulting Services
Whether you’re seeking strategies for carbon reduction, circularity adoption, or sustainable urban development, our expert consultants provide tailored solutions to address your unique needs.

Unveiling Key Sustainability Insights:

The Significance of Sustainability

Our research reveals that over 80% of the companies we surveyed consider sustainability to be of paramount importance in their day-to-day operations.

The Transition to Action

34% of the surveyed companies have not just recognized the importance of sustainability but have also taken concrete steps by implementing actions and policies to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.

Fostering Widespread Commitment

A cumulative total of 46% of survey respondents expressed a strong desire to encourage their companies and stakeholders to engage more actively in sustainable practices.

The Call for Collaboration

25% of survey participants expressed a keen interest in forging partnerships with other businesses and organizations to drive collaborative sustainability initiatives.

Dive into Our Research Fields in Sustainability:

We drive a collective effort to help companies, organization, and  communities reduce a gigatonne of carbon emissions by 2030.

At SustIn, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a net-0 future. Through our technological innovations and comprehensive services, we enable organizations to make a positive impact on the world while optimizing their ESG performance efficiently and effectively.

Make A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability 

Make A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability 

Make A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability 

Make A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability 

Make A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability 

Make A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability 

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