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SUSTIN champions the critical role of standardization in accelerating the transition to Industry 5.0. We actively participate in shaping global frameworks and metrics, ensuring businesses have clear and consistent guidelines to measure and improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

UN Approved Partnership in

Global Sustainability SyncFrame

The development of the SUSTIN-ESG standard rigorously aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, provides a globally recognized benchmark for organizations of different sizes and sectors, and fosters transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in ESG practices. The SUSTIN-ESG standards offers guidance and verification categories for:

Sustainable Enterprise

Demonstrate commitment to responsible business practices across entire organization.

Sustainable Technology

Validate the environmental and social benefits of your technological solutions.

Sustainable Community

Contribute to the creation of a thriving and sustainable community around operations.

Recognized ESG Expert

Verify the competency and expertise of your internal ESG professionals.

SUSTIN's dedication to standardization extends beyond its own framework.

A Leading Voice in

Global Standardization

We are recognized as an expert committee member of the Belgian Bureau of Standardization (NBN) and contribute to the development of the ISO 53001-2 standard (PC343) Management Systems for UN Sustainable Development Goals. This standard focuses on business continuity management systems, a critical aspect of ensuring sustainability practices are resilient and enduring, even in the face of disruptions or unforeseen challenges.

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Drafting the Global Metrics for Industry 5.0: A Human-Centric, Sustainable, and Resilient Future

we believe that Industry 5.0, the integration of advanced technologies with industrial processes, presents a tremendous opportunity to achieve a more sustainable future. However, to ensure this advancement truly benefits society and the environment, robust metrics are needed. We actively contribute to the development of global metrics for Industry 5.0, guided by three core principles:

Human-Centric Focus

SUSTIN's human ecology approach emphasizes the intricate relationship between humans and the environment. Therefore, we advocate for global metrics that go beyond traditional economic indicators.
These metrics will assess:
Social well-being
Human-technology collaboration
Ethical considerations

Sustainable Industry

The global metrics for Industry 5.0 will be firmly anchored in the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. By integrating ESG considerations into these metrics,
we ensure:
Resource efficiency
Environmental impact
Responsible governance

Building Symbiotic Resilience

Building on our "Symbiotic Resilience Theory," we advocate for metrics that assess the long-term resilience, and emphasize the interconnectedness between human and ecological well-being.
Metrics will explore:
Adaptability to change
Diversity and redundancy
Long-term societal benefit

Become a Partner in Sustainability Standardization

  • SUSTIN is committed to continuous improvement and collaboration in the field of sustainability standardization. We believe the most impactful solutions are developed through collective action.
  • We invite partnerships with industry leaders, academic institutions, and NGOs to contribute their expertise and advance the development of robust and impactful sustainability standards.
  • By collaborating, we can create a unified language for sustainability progress, fostering transparency, accountability, and accelerated progress towards a more sustainable future.
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