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Sustainable Intelligence (SUSTIN) is committed to driving global sustainability through research, standardization, and technology-driven solutions. To achieve this ambitious mission, we have established a unique hybrid structure comprising two independent organizations: SUSTIN ASBL, a non-profit based in Brussels, and SUSTIN Ltd, a limited company in London.

Superintendence and Collaboration

While SUSTIN ASBL and SUSTIN Ltd are separate legal entities, SUSTIN ASBL maintains superintendence over SUSTIN Ltd, ensuring alignment with the core mission and values of Sustainable Intelligence. Both organizations work in close collaboration, fostering a symbiotic relationship where research, standardization, and technology development reinforce each other.

SUSTIN ASBL: The Guiding Force

SUSTIN ASBL, as the non-profit arm, serves as the guiding force behind our mission to advance global sustainability. Its core focus is to:

  • Develop and Promote Sustainability Standards: SUSTIN ASBL spearheads the creation of frameworks like the Global Sustainability SyncFrame (formerly SUSTIN-ESG), providing a common language and set of metrics for organizations to measure and improve their sustainability performance.
  • Facilitate Academic Research: We foster collaboration with universities and research institutions, generating groundbreaking insights into sustainability challenges and solutions.
  • Engage Stakeholders: Through initiatives like the Industry 5.0 Forum, we bring together diverse stakeholders – from industry leaders to policymakers – to drive collective action towards a more sustainable future.
  • Provide Advisory Services: Our team of experts offers guidance and support to organizations seeking to integrate sustainability into their core strategies and operations.

SUSTIN Ltd: The Technological Engine

SUSTIN Ltd, the for-profit entity, acts as the technological engine of our hybrid structure. Its primary responsibilities include:

  • Developing Technology Solutions: We build and maintain cutting-edge web portals, mobile apps, and software tools that empower organizations to implement and track their sustainability progress. Examples include the CSO Pilot app, Industry 5.0 Webportal, and the SyncFrame app & Web Portal.
  • Implementing Technology: We assist organizations in adopting and integrating these tools into their existing workflows, ensuring seamless implementation and maximum impact.
  • Providing Technical Support: We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of our technology solutions, enabling organizations to focus on their sustainability goals.

Data Sharing and GDPR Compliance

Data sharing between SUSTIN ASBL and SUSTIN Ltd is governed by strict protocols to ensure compliance with GDPR and other relevant regulations. Notably:

  • Adequacy Decision: The UK’s adequacy decision from the European Commission confirms its data protection standards are essentially equivalent to the EU, allowing for the free flow of data between the two regions.
  • No International Data Transfers (within the EU): As both SUSTIN ASBL and its users are primarily based in the EU, data transfers to SUSTIN Ltd in the UK do not constitute international transfers under the GDPR, simplifying compliance.
  • Data Protection Act 2018: The UK’s Data Protection Act 2018 closely mirrors the GDPR, providing additional safeguards for personal data.

Inspired by Beacons of Tech-Industry

Our hybrid governance model is inspired by successful examples in the tech industry, such as OpenAI and Anthropic. These organizations have demonstrated that a hybrid structure can enable organizations to pursue their social missions while also leveraging the power of markets to accelerate technological development and operational growth. OpenAI utilizes a “capped-profit” model, where excess profits are returned to the non-profit arm for the benefit of humanity. Anthropic, meanwhile, has a dual governance structure with a corporate board and a long-term benefit trust, allowing it to consider broader stakeholder interests beyond its owners.

We believe this hybrid model represents a new paradigm for addressing global challenges, where collaboration and innovation are paramount. By working together, we can leverage our respective strengths to drive meaningful change and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world.

Contact us:

SUSTIN Brussels: hello(at)
SUSTIN London: hello(at)

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