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SUSTIN today release of the alpha version of its AI product, CSO Pilot, on Discord and WeChat platform for initial testing. CSO Pilot is an intelligent sustainable development officer (CSO) that provides businesses with 24/7 access to ESG best practices, regulatory requirements, and SUSTIN-ESG standard guidance and certification support.

CSO Pilot: A Virtual ESG Expert Powered by Big Data and AI

CSO Pilot is a virtual ESG expert powered by big data and AI technology that helps businesses efficiently analyze their own information and provides strong support for their sustainable development strategy planning and execution. The released model is a test model – “CSO Pilot – Sustainable Development Strategy Planning” that can provide personalized and accurate assistance based on the industry, size, and performance level of the enterprise. Users can directly dialogue with CSO Pilot through the SUSTIN Discord, or WeChat public account and easily obtain a document download of personalized and accurate ESG consulting services and strategy suggestions.

Key Features of CSO Pilot:

  • ESG Data Analysis: CSO Pilot can automatically collect and analyze enterprise ESG data from various sources, including financial statements, operational data, environmental data, and social data.
  • ESG Insights: CSO Pilot delivers in-depth insights based on enterprise ESG data, helping businesses identify ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Sustainable Strategy Formulation: CSO Pilot assists businesses in developing ESG strategies aligned with their specific circumstances.
  • ESG Report Preparation: CSO Pilot helps businesses prepare ESG reports compliant with relevant standards.
  • Best Practice Recommendations: CSO Pilot provides customized ESG best practice recommendations tailored to the company’s industry and size.
  • Regulatory Requirement Support: CSO Pilot helps businesses understand and comply with relevant ESG regulatory requirements.
  • GSAF Standard Support: CSO Pilot assists businesses in understanding and applying the GSAF (formerly SUSTIN-ESG) standard.

Continuous Development

In June 2024, SUSTIN will refine the ESG report intelligent compilation module and gradually release multimodal CSO functions such as “Compliance Reporting”, “Sustainable Financing,”  “AI Deployment and Digitization.”

The CSO Pilot international version will be released on to provide sustainable development support to businesses worldwide.

Strategic Testing on Socialmedia Platform

The CSO Pilot alpha version is being tested on the 2 platforms with a smaller group of users (followers of SUSTIN’s social media) before being launched on the website for several reasons:

  • Closed-Loop Ecosystem: WeChat’s closed-loop ecosystem facilitates controlled testing and feedback collection.
  • Identify Issues: Testing the product with a smaller group of users will help SUSTIN to identify any potential issues before they become widespread.
  • Refine the Product: The feedback and insights gained from the testing will be used to refine the product and to deliver maximum value to users.

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