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SUSTIN is proud to announce that its SUSTIN-ESG Standardization framework is being featured in doctoral research at the prestigious University of Montpellier III in France. This collaboration exemplifies SUSTIN’s commitment to fostering academic engagement and advancing the field of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) research.

  • The doctoral research, titled “Analysis of ESG evaluation system standard formulation and implementation,” will employ a mixed-methods approach, combining both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. This comprehensive approach will involve:

    • Case Studies: In-depth analysis of specific companies or industries to understand the implementation of ESG practices.
    • Meetings, Forums, and Interviews: Gathering insights from various stakeholders involved in ESG development and implementation.
    • Data Collection and Analysis: Utilizing relevant data to assess the effectiveness of ESG standards.
    • Theoretical Frameworks: Applying established theories such as pragmatism, dialectism, and the empirical method to analyze the research findings.

SUSTIN-ESG – Building Bridges with Academia

Developed by Sustainable Intelligence (SUSTIN), the SUSTIN-ESG Standardization framework serves as a comprehensive roadmap for businesses to achieve sustainable and responsible growth. SUSTIN is actively engaged in fostering collaborative research partnerships with leading academic institutions, including the Technical University of Madrid, Spain and Tianjin University, China. Additionally, SUSTIN-ESG has been officially recognized by the UN as an “SDG ACCELERATION ACTION”.

SUSTIN remains committed to advancing knowledge and best practices in the field of ESG. We are honored that the University of Montpellier III has chosen to explore the value of SUSTIN-ESG in its doctoral research. This collaboration signifies a positive step towards a future where robust ESG standards guide businesses on their journey towards a more sustainable world.

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