SustIn’s Business Intelligence provides actionable insights and drive measurable progress towards your development goals.

Customized AI Solutions:

We tailor AI applications to your specific needs and sustainability goals, ensuring a targeted and impactful approach.

Actionable Insights:

Our BI solutions provide clear, actionable insights that empower informed decisions regarding resource allocation, process optimization, and environmental impact reduction.

Efficient Reporting:

We translate data into impactful sustainability reports that showcase your progress and commitment to stakeholders.

Agile Development & Deployment:

We employ agile pre-programing, ensuring rapid development and implementation for faster impact.

  • Scalable cobot solutions adaptable to different scenarios
  • User-friendly customization for non-technical users
  • Cost-effective integration with affordable access
  • Data security & privacy responsible data collection and management
  • Continuous learning & improvement – evolves and adapts

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Get to know your Co-Bot:

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Our Expertise:

Co-Bot Development

We collaborate with you to develop customized AI-powered “co-bots” (collaborative robots) specifically designed for sustainability applications. These co-bots can automate tasks like resource monitoring, waste reduction analysis, and energy consumption optimization.

BI Data Aggregation and Analysis

Gather, clean, and analyze vast quantities of sustainability data from across your operations. AI algorithms identify trends, patterns, and anomalies, revealing hidden opportunities for improvement.

Responsible AI Deployment

We are committed to the responsible development and deployment of AI solutions. We ensure your AI is aligned with sustainability goals, avoids bias, and operates with transparency and explainability. Develop and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that are ethically responsible and address sustainability challenges. We ensure bias mitigation, data transparency, and responsible AI principles throughout the development process.

Digital Twin Technology for Sustainability Simulations

Develop a digital replica of your physical operations – a “digital twin” – to model and simulate the environmental and social impact of different business decisions. This allows you to optimize resource utilization, minimize waste, and explore innovative sustainability scenarios before implementation.